Metro North Meltdown – Governors need to come together with federal authorities

January 24, 2014

Hartford, CT – State Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) ranking member of Connecticut general assembly’s Transportation Committee released the following statement re: Metro North Meltdown the third in a week.

“Every day it seems like Metro North has a problem. Three times in the last week, commuters have been trapped on the tracks for several hours often in the bitter cold. In each instance communication has been a problem and back up transportation has been unreliable if offered at all.

“This poor track record on the nations second busiest rail line is absolutely unacceptable and quite frankly rises to a crisis situation. Incidents such as these can stop the regional economy in its tracks.

“I am calling on the entire New York and Connecticut delegation to unite around this issue. Governor’s Malloy and Cuomo, and National Transportation Safety officials ought to come together and force the changes that are need to secure this rail line.

“The perceived lack of proper protocols, processes and procedures on the handling of unforeseen problems affects safety, commerce and homeland security.

“It should also be noted that Northeast weather conditions have always been a factor that must be planned for in any transit operation.

“If credibility and confidence is to be returned to this rail line, operating and safety procedures should demonstrate that emergencies will immediately be responded to in a consistent, well planned, rehearsed and organized manner.”