Local lawmaker calls for more rail line oversight

December 5, 2013

Article as it appeared on WLAD.com

A local lawmaker is calling on Metro North to reassess its priorities. Wilton State Senator Toni Boucher says the two derailments and the death of a track foreman, puts the railroad’s credibility on the line.

She says the rail line needs better oversight, especially because it’s one of the most heavily used in the country.

Boucher says there’s new technology that is being required by the federal government by 2015 that should help reduce human errors. She says it’s a computer system that could have prevented what happened in New York.

Boucher is also calling on Governor Malloy to put back $91 million that she says was raided from the special transportation fund. Boucher says commuters have been calling and emailing her saying they are concerned with the safety of the trains.

Boucher says this is just like the power companies, which she criticized after storms Irene and Sandy. She says consumer are paying a lot, and much of that money is going into other areas salaries, benefits and so forth. Boucher says that’s all well and good, but the railroad is delaying important normal maintenance that should be there.