Boucher to Administration: Return the $91 million raided from Special Transportation Fund

December 3, 2013

Hartford, CT – Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) ranking member of the Transportation Committee of the General Assembly released the following statement today re: train derailment on Metro North Line.

“In light of the horrific incidents that have occurred on the Metro North Line during the last six months it is clear the aging rail line is in desperate need of attention and oversight as well as upgrading. In the name of public safety, I am calling on the governor to return the $91 million raided from the states special transportation fund.

“The State Comptroller recently projected a surplus of an estimated $246 million. Funding for this vital transportation line should not be held hostage to budget maneuvers. These critical rail lines have enormous impact on our state’s economy and are far too important to ignore. The safety of our commuting public is paramount. I would encourage the administration to refund the $91 million to the special transportation account so that further maintenance and oversight can be provided.”