November 13, 2013

Hartford, CT – The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters awarded State Senator Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) a 91 percent rating for his support of environmental initiatives in their 2013 Environmental Scorecard. This high score reflects Senator Witkos’ voting record on the Senate floor concerning issues that impact the environment.

“I am proud to support legislation that helps advance the health of our environment and our people,” said Senator Witkos. “This year I voted in favor of some very important initiatives that will help advance Connecticut as a national leader in conservation, food labeling and environmental protection.”

In the 2013 legislative session Senator Witkos’ votes helped propel legislation on many responsible initiatives. He voted in favor of labeling infant formula and baby food that contains genetically engineered materials, moving Connecticut closer to tackling the problem of GMOs. He also supported a bill to help develop a best practices guide for coastal structures permitting, a bill to establish dam owner stewardship and an inspection approach to dam safety, a bill to preserve farmland at the Southbury Training School, as well as a bill to establish licensing and training requirements for tree wardens to ensure that trees are properly maintained to avoid storm damage.

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters’ 2013 Environmental Scorecard for the Connecticut State Legislature shares how each member of the Legislature voted on 20 of the most critical conservation bills this year. The scorecard helps Connecticut voters understand where their legislators stand on various environmental issues.
“I will continue to support efforts that benefit the environment here in Connecticut and I welcome feedback and questions from every constituent who has concerns about their own surroundings and conservation throughout the state,” said Senator Witkos.

To contact Senator Witkos about environmental concerns please call 800-842-1421 or email [email protected]

About the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters

Formed in 1998, the bipartisan Connecticut League of Conservation Voters works with legislators and environmental leaders in Connecticut. Their goal is to get sustainable environmental policies enacted at the state level that affect our air, water, wildlife, open space, transportation, energy choices, and health. CTLCV helps educate state legislators about issues, notifies them about important upcoming votes, and produces an annual environmental scorecard to track their individual voting records.