Senator Boucher Statement on Tabling the Issue of Limiting UCONN Credits

November 13, 2013

Hartford, CT – State Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) ranking member of the General Assembly’s Higher Education Committee released the following statement today re: tabling a plan that would have limited the number of credits students can take at community colleges and other colleges before transferring to UCONN.

“The suggested proposal would have limited the number of general education credits that students could transfer to UCONN from 30 credits to 15. It was a policy change idea that I and many others questioned from the onset.

“A public higher education should be as affordable as possible. It gives students the best prospect for a life of prosperity and opportunity. An education is considered the great equalizer in climbing the economic ladder of success. However, higher education has become more unaffordable as tuition rates climb higher and higher.

“This policy change would have forced students to change their college plans as it would have made it extremely difficult for some families to afford a degree at our flagship university. It is understandable that students and families opt to save money and take credits at our community colleges and state universities with the intention of transferring to UCONN as their budgets allow.

“These days, when family budgets are so tight, many have less flexibility when planning for college. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of courses available to them locally, when they can save a substantial amount of money? UCONN standards can still be met by students who achieve good grades and high test scores.

“We as a legislative body need to ensure that education is affordable at all levels, throughout the State University System and at the University of Connecticut. I intend to look into how we can secure this path for students as they pursue a higher education.”