Durham Delegation Hosts Town Hall Meeting

August 15, 2013

State Senator Len Fasano and State Reps. Vincent Candelora and Noreen Kokoruda listen to a question from a Durham resident during a town hall meeting held at the Durham Library on Tuesday

DURHAM— State Reps. Noreen Kokoruda (R-101) and Vincent Candelora (R-86), along with State Senator Len Fasano (R-34), hosted a productive legislative forum on Tuesday at the Durham Public Library.

The lawmakers discussed legislation passed during the 2013 Legislative Session, and answered questions from attendees about issues concerning the community and state.

Among the topics discussed were the state budget and budget process, the state’s unfunded pension liabilities, Connecticut’s continued increase in state borrowing and spending, and the negative consequences of the historic and retroactive tax increases imposed the last two years to pay for it all. The three Republican legislators voted against each of Governor Malloy’s budgets which contained record tax and spending increases. The group also discussed local issues such as Durham’s efforts to regionalize, cell towers and well water testing.

“I’d like to thank those that attended the meeting, it is of utmost importance for us to keep an open dialogue with the people that we represent,” Rep. Kokoruda said. “Not only is it incumbent upon us to keep them informed about what is happening in Hartford, but we need to hear the concerns and opinions from residents so we can properly act as their voice.”

“Communicating with my constituents, friends and neighbors is the most important part of my job as a State Representative,” said Candelora. “We have an educated and insightful community, and I appreciate and consider everyone’s input.”

Senator Fasano said, “In my first year representing the Town of Durham, I have found its residents to be extremely well informed and interested in the impact local and state government has on their community. This town has felt the impact of Governor Malloy’s tax increases and they have had enough. I learned a lot from our discussion Tuesday night and I look forward to taking their concerns back to the state Capitol.”

Anyone who was unable to attend the event but would like to speak with Reps. Kokoruda and Candelora can reach them any time by contacting 860-240-8700 while Senator Fasano’s office can be reached at 860-240-8800.