Senator Collects Signatures Against Gas Tax Increase []

July 1, 2013

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WOODBURY — People driving past Big Daddy’s on Route 6 during the afternoon of Monday, June 24, may have noticed state Sen. Robert Kane, R-32, standing by the fuel pumps speaking to residents about an increase to the taxes on gasoline.

The increase would raise the price of gasoline by approximately one percent, at the current prices this equates to roughly an additional $.04 per gallon.

This increase was scheduled to take place in 2008 originally, but was postponed for several years due to both public and political outcry over rising gas prices.

Any money raised from the tax will go into the Special Transportation Fund, a fund designated for improving roads, railways, bridges and other transportation-related utilities.

However during the 2012-2013 fiscal year, over $60 million was transferred from the STF to the state’s General Fund according to Sen. Kane.

While out gathering approximately 50 signatures over a two-hour span on Monday, Sen. Kane conversed with residents about their thoughts on the tax.

According to Sen. Kane, one resident said that they wouldn’t mind the tax if the money from it was being used to repair roads, rather than being transferred to cover other state expenses.

As of Thursday, June 27, the petition, available online at had over 15,700 signatures.