Connecticut Kids Report Card Sen. Boucher: Data is the key to finding better solutions

July 1, 2013

Hartford, CT –Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton), a member of the Children’s report card leadership committee is deeply concerned about the report card data unveiled at the committee’s first quarterly meeting. The report card labeled, State of the State’s Children, discussed absenteeism from school, low birth weight babies, third graders reading at goal and substantiated abuse and neglect cases.

“This report card revealed we have some work to do if our children are to succeed, “said Sen. Boucher. “Many of our state children are absent from school the greater part of the school year, low birth weight babies continue to cause concern, the education achievement and literacy gap remains wide and, most disturbing, substantiated neglect and abuse cases have risen.”

The children’s report card leadership committee will review the CT Kids Report Card and other results data to determine how current policies and programs are working overall. The group will also use information to provide input to the General Assembly’s Children’s Committee on how results can be improved.

The report card indicators including: the health, safety, stability and success of our children and youth are intended to improve their prospects for success.

“One of the most important indicators of success is literacy or the percentage of Connecticut third-graders who are reading at or above goal in reading. I believe that this is the vital area that the state must direct its resources,” stated Sen. Boucher.

In May, the state education department held a conference for schools and community partners on how to use school-linked services to solve chronic absenteeism. Data on chronic absenteeism was collected and provided on a statewide and school district level.

This information will ultimately make it possible to pinpoint, address, and monitor problem areas as well as identify successes in ensuring good school attendance.

“Knowledge is power and data is the key to finding solutions. These are the pieces of the puzzle that policy leaders need to better understand the barriers to success. With this knowledge we can make sure the structure is in place to succeed. If it is not, then we must take action to fix it and break the cycle of failure,” added Sen. Boucher.

The CT Kids Report Card, mandated under Public Act 11-109, is the first and only legislative results-based accountability project aimed at making sure children and families are better off because of the services and programs state government funds, operates, or supports.

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