(The Lymes Patch) Marinas to Benefit from Linares Bill

June 5, 2013

Article as it appeared in the Lymes Patch

Sen. Art Linares, R-Lyme applauded the Connecticut State Senate’s May 31 passage of a bill, which will provide a boost to Connecticut’s marine industry, according to a press release.

The bill:

  • Extends the length of time that boats stored during the winter are exempt from sales and use tax.
  • Extends the sales tax exemption for storing noncommercial boats by two months, by starting the period sooner and ending it later. Under current law, the period runs from November 1 to April 30. Under the bill, it runs from October 1 to May 31.
  • Extends the use tax exemption for boats brought into Connecticut only to be stored, maintained, or repaired, by ending the period one month later. Under current law, the period runs from October 1 to April 30. Under the new bill, it runs from October 1 to May 31.

Linares noted that the legislation now heads to the governor’s desk and will have a particular benefit for his state senate district, which stretches from Portland to the shoreline and includes Lyme. He listed several marine-based businesses in the region that could benefit from the change in the law, mostly marinas.

“It’s great news for Connecticut’s boating industry,” Sen. Linares said. “We want to do everything we can to attract more boaters to our state, and we want to make our state a more attractive place for people to store their boats. That storage brings in additional work, jobs and revenue for our marinas. It also sparks an uptick in activity at area hotels, restaurants and small businesses.”

House Bill 6576, “An Act Concerning the Applicability of the Sales and Use Tax on Boats” will take effect immediately once it is signed by the governor.