Stafford High School Class of ’13 a cohesive group of individuals

June 26, 2013

Article as it appeared in the Reminder News

The members of Stafford High School’s Class of 2013 have clearly impressed upon each other that success lies ahead for each of the 112 graduates.

This year’s SHS grads turned their tassels on June 24 in the school’s gymnasium, as a heavy downpour and thunder could be heard outside, even above the hum of the air conditioning system, which was running at maximum capacity to comfort the large crowd on the humid evening.

Principal Marco Pellicia said he has been touched by the support the Class of ’13 members have shown each other, and added that they are both “individuals” and a “close-knit group.”

“Thank you for the memories,” Pellicia said. “I will miss you.”

Class president Evan Cummins said his class shows the qualities that successful people possess, and he is proud of how each one is unafraid to express their individuality. Among the class’s accomplishments, Cummins said, was finding a new location for their senior prom, adding a freshman/sophomore event to the Powder Puff football game, and a hugely successful class picnic.

Cummins also urged his classmates to continue to work hard, even when fortune favors them. “In life, one cannot count on luck to achieve their dreams,” he said. “They must work to do so. My class has certainly shown this quality over the years. It took great determination to get where they are now, and I know this group of students will never stop until they reach their goals. They will do whatever it takes to succeed, and will work as hard as they must to experience all the world has to offer.”

Guest speaker state Sen. Tony Guglielmo had some words for the class, and said they are the pride of the small town of Stafford. “You’re well loved,” Guglielmo said, adding that by graduating this class, the town has helped the country and the world. “Tonight we contribute to America. You’re adding to the fabric of America. You are the bridge to our future, and we are your link to the past.”

Salutatorian Ryan Gelinas thanked the SHS teachers. “These are the people who help shape the future of our world, and dedicate their lives to us,” Gelinas said. “Without them, we would not be where we are today.”

Gelinas also urged his classmates to thank their parents. “They are the ones who always have our backs, who are there for us in the good and bad experiences of our young lives,” he said. “They are our backbone.”

Valedictorian Angelique Bacha said she can’t offer her classmates any advice on how to become successful, because each person has their own definition of success. “After all,” she said, “no one knows what your secret dreams are, your aspirations, your true goals, except you. But, there is one thing I can tell you, and that is that you must all find your passion.”

Bacha added that the road to finding one’s passion is not always easy. “We have to go through a long and difficult process to find what we love in life,” she said, “and I have complete faith that we will all become whatever we love. I truly love every one of you. Each one of you has brought something special to the class. Congratulations, my friends. We did it.”