“Sign Here to Help Fight the Gas Tax Hike”

June 25, 2013

Sen. Art Linares (at right) on June 24 met with motorists during rush hour at the Westbrook Mobil Station on Essex Road to raise awareness about a 4-cent per gallon tax hike scheduled to take effect in July.

Sen. Linares has been gathering signatures from taxpayers on a new petition in an attempt to block the gas tax hike.

“The response from taxpayers has been overwhelmingly positive,” Sen. Linares said. “I thank all the motorists who took the time to sign my petition in Westbrook. People are fed up with tax hikes, and we will deliver this petition to the governor. Please continue to spread the word about the petition to help us stop the gas tax hike.”

More than 12,500 signatures have been collected, and the petition may be signed online at www.AxeTheGasTaxCT.com .