Sen. Kelly, Rep. Rutigliano Host “Axe the Gas Tax” Petition Drive in Shelton Monday Afternoon

June 21, 2013

With the largest gas tax hike in state history set to hit Connecticut on July 1, Senator Kevin Kelly and Representative Dave Rutigliano on Monday (June 24) will be at the Citgo Food Bag gas station at 442 River Street in Shelton to talk with motorists about an effort to prevent the upcoming pain at the pump.

Sen. Kelly and Rep. Rutigliano will be at the Food Bag Citgo Station from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. getting the word out about the tax hike and adding taxpayers’ signatures to an “Axe the Gas Tax” petition.

“Speaking with many of you, I have heard time after time that people are fed up with tax increases,” said Senator Kelly. “Next week, the gas tax is scheduled to increase once again, and middle class families will see their driving costs go up. If you’re as concerned as me, I encourage you to sign my petition to help send a message to Gov. Malloy that we’ve had enough. I look forward to seeing you at the Citgo station on Monday.”

In addition, the recently passed state budget is not using gas tax revenues to fix roads and bridges as was originally intended. Instead, the money is being used to fund the growth of government bureaucracy.

“Our gas prices are already too high,” said Rep. Rutigliano. “This coalition of area legislators shows the strong opposition to this added financial burden that affects every single one of our constituents. This increase disproportionally affects us in Fairfield County and adds to our growing tax burden. Our state cannot continue to tax, spend, and borrow our way to better times, and we will do everything we can to fight this tax hike.”

The petition can be signed online at