Sen. Boucher: Transform CT Strives to Pave the Way for Connecticut’s Transportation Future

June 26, 2013

Hartford, CT – State Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) supports the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) long overdue initiative to involve commuters’ priorities in a new initiative called Transform CT. This strategic planning approach to the state’s transportation future includes; engagement from the motoring public and seeks their input and strives to ascertain their priorities.

Senator Boucher, ranking member of the Transportation Committee said, “The Transform CT campaign strives to pave the way for Connecticut’s transportation future. The best ideas usually come from constituents, the commuter, but they often come in piece meal or in reaction to a problem or immediate concern. This website will be a clearing house for the exchange of information and ideas for infrastructure and process improvements. It is my hope that daily users in our area of the busiest and most complex congested transportation corridor in North America will make their voices heard and more importantly I hope that the administration listens this time.”

Transform CT’s goals are to improve economic growth and competitiveness, build sustainability, and provide a blueprint for a world-class transportation system.

Through a series of public meetings, focus groups, and surveys, DOT will engage businesses, elected officials, transportation advocacy groups, and other organizations and agencies as part of the Transform CT planning effort. As part of the public outreach campaign, a web site,, was also launched. Visitors can also sign up to receive updates and public meeting schedules.

“But with all good ideas, the biggest question is how do we pay for it?” questioned Sen. Boucher. “The answer hopefully isn’t the reintroduction of tolls.”

“The current adopted budget sweeps $91 million from the Special Transportation Fund (STF) and instead further grows state government. The money should be used for fixing roads and crumbling bridges,” added Sen. Boucher. “The democrats in the legislature approved a 4 cent per gallon increase in the gas tax to fund general government- not transportation projects.”

Senator Boucher is also concerned that state priorities aren’t aligned properly. “Is it smart to spend hundreds of millions of state taxpayer dollars on a busway from Hartford to New Britain?” remarked Sen. Boucher.

Public meetings are scheduled to begin this fall. The first report will be released by February 2014.