New State Law to Clarify Towns’ Historic Preservation Powers

June 28, 2013
Sen. Art Linares and Rep. Melissa Ziobron

Sen. Art Linares and Rep. Melissa Ziobron

The governor has signed a bill co-sponsored by Sen. Art Linares and Rep. Melissa Ziobron which authorizes municipalities to adopt ordinances to protect the historic or architectural character of properties and districts that are listed on, or being considered for listing on, the state or national register of historic places.

“Our history makes our towns and state unique,” Sen. Linares said. “Our history also is a source of pride and helps boost our regional tourism. This legislation makes state law completely clear that the adoption of these protective ordinances are within the powers of municipalities. We want to help towns to better identify and preserve their unique and historic properties.”

“There is so much significant history in our state and in our region. In fact, we have so much history here that sometimes there are locations, buildings or areas that have immense historical significance but aren’t well known outside of the community in which they reside. That’s why it is important that we allow towns to adopt these protective ordinances,” added Rep. Ziobron.

The new law, which takes effect on October 1, covers both historic districts and individual historic properties.