Kane: GOP has 14,000 signatures to ‘Axe the Gas Tax’

June 27, 2013

Article as it appeared in the Valley Gazette

State Sen. Rob Kane, R-32nd District, greeted motorists at Big Daddy’s Gulf Station in North Woodbury on June 24 to raise awareness of a 4-cent per gallon tax hike slated to take effect in July. Kane represents parts of Seymour. Kane also collected petition signatures calling on the state legislature to cancel the planned tax hike.

“The taxpayers’ response to the petition has been overwhelmingly positive,” Kane said. “More than 14,000 have signed the petition, which can be viewed and signed online at AxeTheGasTaxCT.com. Please keep spreading the word and making your voices heard. Please help me send a clear message to Hartford that we are fed up with tax hikes.”