Senator Kelly Receives Award for Outstanding Commitment to Quality Health Care and Patient Access

May 8, 2013

Hartford – State Senator Kevin C. Kelly (R-21) was presented with an award for Outstanding Commitment to Quality Health Care and Patient Access by the Radiological Society of Connecticut in recognition of his accomplishments during the 2012 legislative session.

“As ranking senator of the legislature’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee, I am well aware of the challenges facing Connecticut families when it comes to health care and insurance coverage,” said Senator Kelly. “Last session, I was proud that we could pass legislation to expand this coverage and improve women’s health. Because conventional mammograms do not catch every tumor, women with dense breast tissue are often advised to receive the more costly MRI screening. Thanks to the new law, insurance companies will be required to cover this life-saving procedure.”

Senator Kelly cosponsored legislation that focused on improving access to breast cancer screening. The law now requires all insurers to cover sophisticated testing for women when a mammogram is not effective due to dense breast tissue or if there is an increased risk of breast cancer.

Magnetic resonance imaging has proven to be effective in detecting cancer cells in women who have dense breast tissue. The legislation reduces concerns that some patients may have when considering the high cost of these sophisticated tests. The measure was signed into law by the governor in June 2012.

“I sincerely thank the Radiological Society of Connecticut for this recognition,” continued Senator Kelly. “While I appreciate this award, I believe the real focus should be on improving the quality of health care for Connecticut families. With bipartisan attention, I am confident that we can continue to support smart legislation that will save lives.”

Senator Kelly received the award at the RSC’s Semi-Annual Membership Meeting at Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven. The Radiological Society of Connecticut is the state’s professional association of medical doctors who practice radiology and imaging. Members of the profession use diagnostic images to diagnose and treat diseases. The society has nearly 400 members statewide and is an affiliate of the American College of Radiology. For more information, please visit their website at