Sen. Kane: Sex Offender Info Is Public, So Why Not Gun Felony Info?

May 15, 2013

Sen. Rob Kane (R-Watertown) on May 14 proposed a measure in the Connecticut State Senate which would make public the names and addresses of those who are found guilty of gun crimes in Connecticut. Under current law, only public safety officials have access to this information.

“The state’s sex offender registry is available for all to see,” Sen. Kane said. “It’s one of the most visited and useful state websites. People want to know who their neighbors are. The sex offender registry has bolstered public safety and has given parents and families key information to make educated decisions.”

The state’s sex offender registry can be accessed by visiting

“By the same token, the public should be able to know where violent felons who have committed crimes with guns live,” Sen. Kane said. “A gun felon registry would accomplish that goal. Right now, the public is in the dark. Why are we protecting these felons? People should be able to find out if someone who has committed an offense with a deadly weapon is living in their neighborhood. This is about transparency.”

Sen. Kane’s proposal was defeated by the state senate on a party line vote.