Rep. Whit Betts & Sen. Jason Welch Host Parent Leadership Training Institute Group at State Capito

May 7, 2013
Rep. Whit Betts and Sen. Jason Welch with members of PLTI during State Capitol Tou

Rep. Whit Betts and Sen. Jason Welch with members of PLTI during State Capitol Tou

HARTFORD — Last week, students from the Parent Leadership Training Institute of West Central Connecticut (Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, and Plymouth) met with their legislators, State Rep. Whit Betts (R-78) and State Sen. Jason Welch (R-31) at the Legislative Office Building.
PLTI is comprised of a group of parents dedicated to making their communities a better place to work, live, and raise their children. Each member is planning a community improvement project, with the goal of inspiring other parents and citizens to do the same.

Rep. Betts and Sen. Welch spent time with the group discussing the legislative process and how government works. Group members in turn were able to discuss their projects and grassroots initiatives with the legislators.

“I enjoyed meeting with members of the PLTI. This group is in process of developing grassroots initiatives, in the hope of bringing positive change to their communities. I commend them for their hard work, and for taking the time to meet with Senator Welch and I, to inform us about their current projects. It is my hope that they inspire others to become involved and to continue the great work that’s begun,” said Betts.

“Being a parent is not an easy task. Many of us are trying to balance work, home life and children. To that effort anything these members can do to make their communities better for all of our children is icing on the cake. I applaud them for their energy and willingness to work hard,” said Sen. Welch.