Metro-North train collision update

May 18, 2013

This morning representatives from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) were in Bridgeport at the site of Friday evening’s Metro-North train collision.

They met with Governor Dannel Malloy, the state delegation and other officials. Shortly after conducting a brief survey of the area, they held a news briefing to update everyone with the latest available details.

What we do know is that last night around 6:08 pm an eastbound train headed to New Haven derailed for reasons unknown.
As the train cars derailed, they struck a westbound train, which also derailed as a result.

About 60 people were taken to area hospitals, some with very serious injuries. Three patients remained in critical condition Saturday morning, with two of those stable, according to officials at two Bridgeport hospitals.

There is significant track and overhead wire damage. Both trains were 8-car, M-8 trains.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) officials on scene say the investigation could be 7 to 10 days.

It’s important to note the tracks will not be shut down that whole time, however there will be issues commuting through the area.
The Department of Transportation is advising commuters to make alternate arrangements for the coming week. In addition the state will be working on running commuter buses to get people around the area in question.

NTSB officials will be trying to figure out why this happened and how to avoid this type of incident in the future.
Again commuters can expect delays for several days as Metro North has suspended service between South Norwalk and New Haven until further notice. During to this reduced service, trains well be crowed and commutesr are asked to use the Harlem line if possible. Regular service remains on the New Canaan and Danbury branch lines.

Metro North reports, “There are four tracks in this segment of the New Haven Line, but two of those tracks are out of service for a long-term project to replace overhead wires. On the remaining two tracks, there was extensive infrastructure damage as a result of the collision. Both the track and the overhead wire have been damaged. The train cars cannot be removed until the on-scene investigation is complete, and they will need to be removed by crane.

“Normal service through this area is not expected to resume until a full investigation is complete, the infrastructure is fully assessed, and repairs are made.”

Please also note that Amtrak has currently suspended service between New York and New Haven and has limited service between Boston and New Haven. Amtrak service is operating between New York, Philadelphia and DC. Amtrak shuttle service is operating as scheduled between New Haven and Springfield, MA.

A prolonged service disruption of one of the most congested sections of Metro North rail line can have widespread economic and logistical effects.

However, we are confident that federal and state investigators will work quickly to ascertain the cause and repair the damage so that commuters can regain confidence in the rail system.

In the interim , please, visit the following websites as updates will be posted and
I want to thank the first responders in our area for their quick and sensitive work in aiding commuters on the scene. This type of disaster is very frightening for our commuting public. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns you may have.