Help Me Prevent a Connecticut Gas Tax Hike

May 17, 2013

One of the largest gas tax hikes in state history is scheduled to hit Connecticut on July 1.

The July 1 gas tax hike would raise prices at the pump in Connecticut by about 4 cents per gallon.

The gas tax in Connecticut is already about 22 cents higher than in neighboring states like Massachusetts.

You Can Help Us Stop the July 1 Gas Tax Hike!
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The tax set to increase is a hidden state tax on gasoline that you pay above and beyond the state (25¢) and federal (18.4¢) per-gallon taxes. This tax is a percentage of the wholesale price of gasoline and is scheduled to increase 16% on July 1st.

Governor Malloy and the legislature are NOT using this additional revenue to fix roads and bridges as needed. Instead, the money is being used to fund the growth of government.

Stand with Representative Whit Betts and me and demand that this gas tax hike not go through.

Together, we can say “Enough is Enough!”

Join us in saying “No” to the July 1 gas tax hike!

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Thank you!

Fill out the information below to sign the petition.