Do you pay too much for gas? Sen. Linares has started a petition.

May 22, 2013

Article as it appeared in the Montville Patch

Your Take: Does Connecticut Pay Too Much For Gas?

By Jessie King

Gas taxes in Connecticut are slated to go up in July. Sen. Art Linares has started an online petition for people to sign if they oppose the tax hike.

The price we pay for gasoline in the state of Connecticut is scheduled to go up starting on July 1 unless constituents and legislators band together to stop it.

The tax was approved by legislators back in 2005 as part of a bridge and road repair plan. Lawmakers must act within 20 days in order to stop the increase. If nothing is done, customers will see the tax on gasoline increase from 7 percent to 8.81 percent.

State Sen. Art Linares, R-33rd District, has started an online petition to get the tax hike stopped.

“We’ve had a lot of activity, I think it’s a bipartisan issue. I think everyone doesn’t want to pay more at the pump, we’re paying enough right now,” said Linares to reporters at WTNH.