Senator Chapin Releases Statement re: Senate Bill 1160

April 4, 2013

Hartford – State Senator Clark Chapin (R-30) issued the following statement re: Senate Bill 1160, An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety:

“In the aftermath of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the legislature resolved to take steps to prevent gun violence and improve school safety measures as well as mental health services. Over the past several months, I have been grateful for the input I have received from thousands of concerned constituents on both sides of this issue. Throughout this time, I have given great consideration to the many different viewpoints that have been shared with me by email, phone and in person during several town hall meetings in our district.

“During today’s legislative session, the final bill was shared with legislators only hours before the debate was scheduled to begin. After reviewing the 138-page document, I continue to have concerns with some of the provisions that would penalize law-abiding gun owners. While there are some worthwhile provisions that focus on gun violence, improving mental health care and school safety measures, I could not support today’s legislation since some provisions negatively impact those who responsibly use firearms for hunting, sports competition and self-defense in northwest Connecticut.”

The measure passed the State Senate by a vote of 26 to 10 on Wednesday, April 3rd.