Sen Markley statement on SB1106

April 4, 2013

Hartford, CT – State Senator Joe Markley (R –Southington) released the following statement today re: SB 1106: An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety.

“Though I respect the intentions of our legislative leaders, creating a special process to create this legislation was a mistake. The time and attention it demanded has reduced our ability to address other pressing issues, the budget above all. And though the work took the better part of three months, a final version of the bill was not available until the morning of the vote.

“I don’t understand why a few extra days were not granted for us to examine this bill and consult with our constituents. I don’t understand why the public wasn’t given a chance to testify on the final form of the legislation. We owe the people of Connecticut an opportunity to be heard on these critical issues.

“The change in the Risk Reduction Earned Credit Program (RREC), commonly known as Early Release, is inadequate and perhaps deceptive. We have repeated the mistake of the original RREC bill, passing something devised at the very last minute, with little debate and no chance for a hearing. I have no confidence in the changes that were made—we should end the program and start over, and do the job right.

“Law-abiding gun owners were not responsible for the tragedy in December, and I do not believe they should be punished for it. I have a passion for personal liberty, I’m reluctant to infringe on our freedoms, especially when the changes do nothing to make us safer.

“America is the most diverse nation on earth; we rely on a single document to define what our country is and how we conduct ourselves and that is the Constitution of the United States. Above all out of respect for that great document, I oppose this bill.”