Sen. Kane: “I will continue to oppose higher taxes and any policies which negatively impact valley businesses.”

April 15, 2013

Article as it appeared in the Shelton Herald

Senator: State needs to do more to encourage business in Valley

State senators provided a state budget update to the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce during a recent government affairs committee meeting.

State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield) and State Senators Kevin C. Kelly (R-Shelton) and Rob Kane (R-Watertown) presented their ideas about Connecticut’s budget at the chamber meeting April 2.

‘State must do more’

“The state of Connecticut must do more to encourage businesses to grow and create jobs in the Naugatuck Valley,” Kelly said. “Thanks to the efforts of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce, our local economy stands to benefit from an improving economic situation.

“In the coming months, members of the legislature will be drafting the next two-year state budget that will impact Connecticut jobs and families alike,” Kelly continued. “As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I will be fighting for a reduced level of spending and opposing new measures to increase taxes. With your valuable input, we can chart a smarter path that will benefit our communities, our jobs and our families.”

Discussed state budget, deficit, car tax

The legislators and business owners discussed proposals currently under consideration by the General Assembly, including the governor’s proposed state budget, Connecticut’s budget deficit and proposed increases in spending, the elimination of the car tax, and other matters of concern to the business community.

“Senator Kelly, Senator McKinney and I will continue to oppose higher taxes and any policies which negatively impact valley businesses,” Kane said. “In Hartford, we are trying to lower the tax burden on businesses and families. We are also fighting to bring back a sense and fiscal responsibility.”

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