(Danbury News-Times) Sen. McLachlan to Continue Opposing Feds’ “Bizarre” Directive to Close Danbury Airport Tower

April 8, 2013

Article as it appeared in the Danbury News-Times

Air traffic control towers at Danbury Municipal and Sikorsky Memorial airports, along with other towers nationwide slated to close this weekend, will remain open at least until mid-June, the FAA announced Friday.

Federal Aviation Administration officials made the announcement less than a day after the American Association of Airport Executives filed an emergency request to stop the closures.

The FAA announced that all 149 towers set to be closed on Sunday would remain open until June 15. The tower closures were proposed by the FAA in response to $637 million in cuts required by the federal sequestration.

“The pressure on the FAA was mounting to do something,” said Danbury Municipal Airport Administrator Paul Estefan, a member of the AAAE that filed the federal stay request. “While this only delays the closure, at least it gives us some time to breathe.