Senator Witkos Discusses Future of Single File Riding Legislation [Simsbury Patch]

March 28, 2013

Article as it appeared in the Simsbury Patch on March 27, 2013

Single File Riding Issue Hits a Speed Bump

A simple bill that sparked a heated debate isn’t likely to make it to the Senate floor this year.

By Jeff Brush

A seemingly non-controversial state Senate bill that sought to enforce single file riding on public roads isn’t likely to make it to the Senate floor this year.

At the start of the legislative session this year, state Sen. Kevin Witkos (R-8th District) proposed a bill that quickly sparked a local debate over whether cyclists should have the legal right to ride two abreast on roadways.

When Patch first published an article about the proposed bill, it generated over 200 reader comments both in favor and in opposition to its contents.

After contemplating the varying viewpoints on the issue, Witkos later issued an amended SB 103.

The bill eventually made it to the Senate Transportation Committee and a public hearing was scheduled last month.

According to Witkos, the bill won’t be going anywhere this legislative session unless he decides to propose an amendment to the existing law — an alternative he doesn’t plan to pursue.

“I think it was good to have the conversation,” Witkos said. “That’s the legislative process. Sometimes it takes two to three years to pass a bill.”