(photo) Sen. McLachlan Encouraged by Stalling of Border Toll Measure; Pledges to Continue Opposition

March 15, 2013

Sen. Michael McLachlan listens to a taxpayer. Sen. McLachlan, who serves on the legislature’s Transportation Committee, opposes the idea of border tolls.

A bill which would have established tolls on Connecticut’s New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island borders was watered down on March 15, as the Connecticut General Assembly’s Transportation Committee voted to instead study the concept. The study will be submitted by Feb. 1, 2014.

Sen. Michael McLachlan, a longtime opponent of tolls, was encouraged by the action.

“We once again have made an effective argument against border tolls,” Sen. McLachlan said. “Tolls on Connecticut’s western border, for example, would drive motorists to take local roads to avoid them, creating traffic bottlenecks in those neighborhoods. Border toll proponents say most of the toll revenue will come from people out of state, but what about the person from greater Danbury who drives to the train station in Brewster every morning? Fending off border tolls for another year and relegating the bill to a study is a small victory for area motorists, but this is an issue we must continue to stay on top of. The border tolls idea may be temporarily stalled, but with the state facing billion-dollar budget deficits and the Legislature still not willing to cut spending, anything that will produce future revenue will continue to have a chance.” McLachlan serves on the legislature’s Transportation Committee.