Linares supports bill linking colleges, manufacturers [Norwich Bulletin]

March 11, 2013

Article as it appeared in the Norwich Bulletin

State Sen. Art Linares has submitted testimony in favor of a bill which would require input from local manufacturers to their area community-technical colleges as colleges develop and expand their manufacturing technology programs. The bill, Senate Bill 476, An Act Requiring Input from Local Manufacturers in Developing Manufacturing Technology Programs at the Regional Community-Technical Colleges, was given a public hearing in the state legislature’s Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee. The bill has bipartisan support.

“Input from private sector job creators will ensure that the programs offered by the community colleges are in step with manufacturing industries’ demands,” Linares said. “We all want to help ensure that community-technical college students are best equipped for good jobs when they graduate. It makes a lot of sense to have that supply of graduates meeting the current demands of the manufacturing industry.”

On Feb. 27, Linares toured Chester-based manufacturer AeroCision with CEO Andrew Gibson. Linares, who serves on the legislature’s Commerce Committee and is a member of the bipartisan Manufacturing Caucus, met with company employees and learned about AeroCision’s operations during the hour-long visit.

Linares plans to reach out to high schools and vocational-technical schools throughout the area to raise awareness about the rewards of choosing manufacturing careers.