Chester Girl Scout Visits State Capitol; Welcomed by Her Cousin, Sen. Art Linares [Photo]

March 1, 2013

Sen. Art Linares (center) on Feb. 27 welcomed Chester residents Juliette Linares (left) and her mother Yvette (right) to the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

The Linareses were participating in the annual “Girl Scout Day at the State Capitol” ceremonies. Juliette and Sen. Linares are cousins, and Sen. Linares serves as ranking member on the state legislature’s Children’s Committee.

According to the Girl Scout Website, “the Girl Scout program can change the way girls see the world and their place in it. Girls learn the importance of personal responsibility, the value of goal-setting, the spirit of teamwork, and the thrill of accomplishment. The Girl Scout program is based on fundamental goals that encourage girls to develop to their full potential, relate to others with increasing understanding, skill, and respect, develop a meaningful set of values to guide their actions, and and contribute to the improvement of society.