Bristol Town Hall Wrap Up

March 5, 2013
Rep. Betts and Sen. Welch hosted a town hall style meeting in Bristol on February 26, at the library.

Rep. Betts and Sen. Welch hosted a town hall style meeting in Bristol on February 26, at the library.

Hartford, CT – State Representative Whit Betts (R-Bristol) and State Senator Jason Welch (R-Bristol) held a town hall meeting on February 26th, where they discussed Governor Malloy’s proposed budget for the 2013 Legislative Session. The effects the budget may have on the people of Bristol and the state of Connecticut. Lawmakers were joined by about 40 residents, in addition to town and local officials.

Many residents focused their comments and questions on what they deemed as ‘out-of-control’ state spending. Governor Malloy’s proposed budget increases spending by nearly 10% over two years.

“It’s disappointing that families are prioritizing and going without as they try to pay monthly bills , yet government hasn’t been making the same tough decisions,” said Sen. Welch. “What we heard loud and clear Tuesday night is that people are tired of being forced to pay more out of their own pockets. These folks are well informed and understand not paying a car tax will mean their property tax will just go up. They feel frustrated that their Governor is spending recklessly and not making responsible budgetary decisions.”

They noted the New Britain to Hartford Busway project as an example of unjustifiable spending of taxpayer dollars while the state faces a serious debt crisis. They also voiced serious concern regarding unfunded mandates and pensions, and tax increases that continue to fall on the backs of the taxpayers.

The major discussion of the evening centered on the proposed $550 million cut in state funding to Connecticut’s community hospitals over the next two years. Residents and local officials discussed the potential cuts to programs and services, and the job loss that would result. Kim Hostetler, with the Connecticut Hospital Association, and Kurt Barwis, CEO of Bristol Hospital, spoke one-on-one with concerned residents following the meeting.

“I understand that these issues resonate personally with people and can bring about strong responses,” said Rep. Betts. “I am here to represent the voice of my constituency in Hartford and I thank everyone who participated in this meeting.”

The meeting was held in the Bristol Public Library, on High Street.

Anyone unable to attend but would like to discuss an issue can contact the legislators:
State Rep. Whit Betts
Office: 800-842-1423
Email: [email protected]

State Sen. Jason Welch
Office: 800-842-1421
Email: [email protected]