Bristol State Sen. Jason Welch testifies for victim in fatal hit-and-run [Bristol Press]

March 6, 2013

Article as it appeared in the Bristol Press

HARTFORD — State Sen. Jason Welch, R-Bristol, recently testified before the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee on behalf of a constituent’s family who lost their 31-year-old father and husband in June. Demetrious Lausell-Vann, the father of three and a social worker was the victim of a hit-and-run crash.

“Demetrious was a hard-working family man, a father of three young children, who was riding his motorcycle home from work when he was struck by an unregistered minivan driven by a repeat drunk driver, habitual motor vehicle offender and convicted felon,” Welch testified.

The driver, who left the scene of the accident, had an extensive list of driving violations including driving under the influence and a suspended license. He also had an extensive criminal record. Yet, authorities never cross-referenced the files because state agency computer systems were not able to share information.

“This reckless driver and convicted criminal fell through the cracks. When his extensive driving record on file at the state Department of Motor Vehicle is not accessible to the state Department of Correction, or the judicial system we are not doing right by our citizens,” he said.