Sen. Kissel Proposal Helps Retailers Buy Emergency Generators; Public May Submit Testimony

February 5, 2013

Many Connecticut residents have bought generators to help keep their homes warm and refrigerators running during power outages, but cars, generators, and refrigerators can quickly become useless when local gas stations and grocery stores are shut down for long periods of time.

“When key retailers are forced to close during prolonged power outages, it creates a dangerous situation for vulnerable residents and seniors who depend on outside help for food, shelter, medicine and health care,” Sen. John A. Kissel said.

Sen. Kissel has proposed a bill to provide incentives for retailers to buy emergency generators. The bill creates a program offering low-interest state loans to retailers that buy generators and establishing a 10 % exemption on the property tax on the generator for the first five years after its purchase.

“This proposal aims to help gas stations, grocery stores and pharmacies to maintain their services during times of widespread power outages,” Sen. Kissel said. “This measure will improve public safety and protect our most vulnerable residents.”

Sen. Kissel noted that keeping these businesses open during emergency situations also keeps tax revenues flowing. He said the idea for the bill came from a taxpayer in Enfield.

On Thursday, Feb. 7 at 1 p.m., the state legislature’s General Law Committee will hold a public hearing on Sen. Kissel’s bill. Residents and business owners wishing to submit testimony on the bill may email testimony to the General Law Committee clerk at: [email protected].

View the bill by clicking here.