State approves residents to fix beach []

January 25, 2013

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EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Hard to think about hitting the beach in this weather but a group of East Haven homeowners finally got the okay from the state to repair Victoria Beach.

Sandy eating away the protective berm is proof there’s a price to pay for living on the beach. Now Vicortia Beach condo owners are using their own money to build a new, better one.

“Sandy destoryed us and without this project I don’t think we would survive another storm,” said Patric Marchitto president of the condo association.

The natural berm will be designed to absorb alot of the momentum of the wave action, reducing beach erosion.

It took 2 tries before state environmental officials gave the green light for the project even though the homeowners would be covering the cost.

Local lawmakers say this approval may have more communities coming foward.

“You can do this virtually any place in the state of Connecticut, whether it’s in Fairfield or New London, from one side to the other side of Connecticut,” said Republican State Sen. Len Fasano of East Haven.

The solution for this section of the shoreline is the sort of slopeing berm but for other coastline communities the wish may be for a rock seawall, but that’s a project that state officials are less likely to sign off on.

“Berms in many cases do provide an advantage because they absorb a lot of the momentum from wave action but in some cases seawalls are a better choice. It’s just all about knowing your options, knowing what fits best in your particular situation,” said Democrat State Rep. James Albis of East Haven.

While Officials are pleased this beach repair may be ready by summer, the priority is also getting folks back in homes flooded by the superstorm.

“It’s important for us as commuity leaders to make sure that our folks are safe and back in their homes,” said Republican Mayor Joseph Maturo of East Haven.