Sen. Fasano announces Veteran ID Symbol is a reality

November 29, 2012

Fasano: “I have championed this idea on behalf of my constituent for years. This is the least we can do for our Armed Service Members.”

Hartford, CT – Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven) is proud to announce a new state law he championed, recognizing veterans with an American flag symbol on their driver’s license or ID card will begin next month.

“Nearly two years ago, a constituent came to me and asked if I would help him. I can happily report that help has finally come,” said Sen. Fasano. “I have championed this idea on behalf of my constituent for quite some time. Finally enacting this law is the least we can do for our Armed Service Members.”

In 2010, Wallingford veteran John Anzidei expressed to Sen. Fasano that many veterans were struggling financially and in order to receive benefits at the hardware store or grocery store they were required to have a recognized “status.”

“Veterans needed to have a way they could be readily identifiable. The solution: place a veteran’s symbol or in this case an American Flag on the veteran’s driver’s license or identification card. A marker, much like organ donors have on their driver’s license,” said Sen. Fasano.

Beginning January 2013, the new state law that Sen. Fasano laid the ground work for will go into effect. It allows the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to place that American flag on a veteran’s driver’s license or identity card once the Department of Veterans Affairs confirms the veteran’s status.

Aside from allowing veterans to qualify for discounts at various stores and retail outlets, this symbol will also alert emergency officials during a crisis that the patient is a veteran and may have special insurance coverage or assistance. Here is how it works:

  • At least 30 days prior to visiting a DMV or AAA office, veterans must submit to the state Department of Veterans’ Affairs a completed application and proof of honorable discharge, such as a DD-214.
  • The Department of Veterans’ Affairs will verify the veteran’s military status and electronically notify DMV of the request prior to the driver’s license or ID card being issued.
  • The application can be downloaded online at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website by visiting and clicking the “Application for Veteran’s Flag” link.
  • The flag symbol will be added to veteran’s license or ID card at no additional cost at renewal time or when it is first issued, or when issued as a duplicate.

Veterans can also request a flag symbol by mailing an application and additional documentation to the state Department of Veterans’ Affairs at: CT DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS, ATTN: VETERAN’S FLAG ON DRIVER LICENSE OR ID CARD, 287 WEST ST., ROCKY HILL, CT 06067.

Sen. Fasano remarked, “During these tough economic times any money saved or recouped can go a long way for those in need. You might ask which veteran does this affect the most – the ones that need it the most.”

The new law also includes a free lifetime pass into any state park, forest or state recreational facility to any resident who is a disabled wartime veteran.

For more information on DMV services and office locations, please visit

There is also a new state veteran’s website you can log onto the website is a central place for veterans and their families to find benefits and programs aimed at helping them.