Sandy’s Aftermath and Recovery

November 5, 2012

If you live in Wallingford, Sheehan H.S. is going to hold classes at the Oakdale Theatre Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (normal school start and end times apply).  The roof at the high school remains damaged from Hurricane Sandy.



A Nor’easter is forecast to bring several waves of rain, wind, and a rain/snow mix on Wednesday into Thursday.

While smaller amounts of snow are expected especially in the northwest hills, (1-2 inches, down from 2-4), wind gusts along the shoreline could reach 50-60 mph late Wednesday.

Please, remember it is your obligation to secure your property from any more damage as a result of the next storm. If you don’t the insurance company may argue that the damage from the second storm supersedes the first storm.

Connecticut Insurance Department’s "Sandy" resource page on the Department Web site has a listing of toll-free claims phone numbers for dozens of insurance companies for their policyholders to use in the event of a claim.
The list at will be updated frequently with additional numbers. 
The "Sandy" resource page will also have a listing of the locations of mobile claims vans when they become available.
The Department offers the following tips for filing a claim:

  • Keep your important insurance documents in a safe place
  • Contact your insurer as soon as possible
  • Take photos of the damage
  • DO NOT make permanent repairs until your insurer has inspected the property
  • Keep a diary of all contact, conversations with your insurer
  • If you can still live in the home, talk with your agent about critical repairs that need to be made. Whether you make the repairs or hire someone, save the receipts for your claim.
  • If you need to find other lodging because of damage to your home, keep records of expenses and all receipts. Homeowners and renter’s insurance generally provide limited coverage for expenses like: meals, rent, utility installation and transportation.