Sandy Update: New Canaan

November 2, 2012

Important update for New Canaan residents from Mike Handler, New Canaan’s director of emergency management:
Good morning, this is Mike Handler with an 8:30 am update from the EOC. Crews have made significant progress opening up roads. As we enter into the power restoration phase we will open up blocked driveways while crews are working in the area. Please call the EOC immediately at (203) 594-4100 to report any driveways with downed trees or wires or you can post the information on Facebook. Also, as we work to restore power be aware that we might have to take power down to those who never lost it. This will be temporary and is a necessary component to restoration. The total number of CL&P or affiliate crews working in Town is 18. These crews are working with every available Town public works and parks crew. We continue to shelter overnight guests at the YMCA and with colder temperatures in the forecast, please check on your neighbors and encourage shelter where appropriate. The Library, YMCA, Lapham Community Center and Waveny House are all open for your convenience. There are no concerns regarding gasoline or diesel deliveries. Please use caution when driving around Town as we have crews working in the streets. Generator safety continues to be an issue. Please visit the Town website for important safety tips. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the EOC. Thank you.