Sandy Recovery Update

November 3, 2012

Our selectmen and utility managers are working to  make sure restoration continues in earnest.

I along with thousands of families in our district remain in the dark. I understand your frustration.

There is catastrophic damage throughout the district. As I visit our towns, there are 100 year old trees strewn about like match sticks on top of houses . I’ve also seem homes submerged in water along our coast.

We will make sure the legislature holds the utilities accountable. However, at this point my focus is making sure everyone is safe and that we get things back to normal.

Meantime here is the updated information I have received from CL&P.

  • Restoration for the vast majority of customers is expected by Monday or Tuesday next week; seven CL&P districts are already substantially complete.

The work ahead of CL&P includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Repair or reset 802 broken poles (approximately 400 CL&P poles and 400 telecommunications poles)
  • Restring 78 miles (2,759 spans) of overhead wire (the average span of wire is 150 feet)
  •  Work closely with towns to clear 335 roads in 11 towns blocked by electrical hazards
  • Call CL&P at 800-286-2000 to report your outage or speak to a customer service representative.
  • Text the word "outage," followed by a space and your zip code to 24612.

Town by town:

Wilton –

Twenty-four CL&P crews are working in Wilton on Saturday, up from nine yesterday, according to a statement by First Selectman Bill Brennan via robocall. CL&P is committing ‘significant’ improvement today, but Tuesday is the estimate for total restoration, he said.

The rest of the statement is as follows:

In addition, eight tree crews and six service crews will also be working in Wilton, plus the four DPW crews supported by 20 U.S. Forest Service chain saw operators.

Last night tree crews worked on Dudley Road and Nod Hill Road to clear downed trees on these roads.

Areas when crews are working today are as follows:

  • Route 33 (Westport Road)
  • Sturges Ridge Road and Hurlbutt Street
  • Range Road
  • Olmstead Hill Road
  •  Millstone Road, Pin Oak Lane and Ruscoe Road

The major priority is power restoration and LC&P expects significant progress will be made in Wilton today. This morning, CL&P issued an estimated power restoration time of Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 11:30 P.M. for Wilton and other towns in our utility district.

An additional delivery of bottled water is expected today. An announcement will be made when supplies arrive and are available at Wilton Fire Station.

Ridgefield –

Outage update as of 1 p.m. — 49% of Ridgefield still without power.

  • Town Hall is open for WiFi and charging from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm daily.  Enter through the Bailey Avenue entrance.

  • Parks and Recreation at 195 Danbury Road is now completely operational as a shelter with WiFi and charging stations.

  • Drinking water filling stations are set up at the Ridgefield Playhouse, Parks and Recreation, and Fire Station 2 on Old Stagecoach Road.  Please bring your own containers.

  • Non-drinking water is available at Fire Station 2 on Old Stagecoach Road.  Bring your own containers

  • Public Information Posting locations are: Town Hall, Parks & Recreation, Founder’s Hall, Ancona’s, Stop & Shop, Ridgebury Fire Station 2 and the Valero Gas Station at the Route 7/ Danbury Road intersection.

  • Our call center numbers are 203-431-2348, 431-2350 or 203-431-2351.  Remember, for emergencies dial 911.

Bethel –

Rainy Day Paperback Exchange is open regular business hours:

  • 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday
  • Closed Sunday and Monday
  • Noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday
  • 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday

Staff are happy to let people charge cellphones or other devices and said people may ask at the counter to have them plugged in.

Redding Roasters is open regular hours:

  • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday
  • Closed Sunday and Monday
  • 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday
  • 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday

People can come in and get a free sample cup of coffee.

The following announcement regarding the Bethel school calendar is from the superintendent’s office.

Due to the storm we have revised our district calendar to accommodate for the 4 days lost due to Hurricane Sandy.  The revisions are as follows:

  • School will be in session on Monday, November 12th.
  • School will be in session on Friday, January 18th.
  • School will be in session on Monday, February 18th & Tuesday, February 19th.

Redding –

Redding: 47 percent (1,862 customers)

Redding, Easton and Region 9 schools will reopen Monday and Wednesday, Nov. 7—previously scheduled as a half-day—will be a full school day for students.

The town of Redding sent out the following update:
CL&P is estimating 98% of the state to be with power by early Tuesday morning. 

As of today, CL&P has 17 road crews working in town and just added an additional tree crew to help accomplish the Sat. deadline of road openings. 

Although our town crews have been influential in helping CL&P get the roads cleared, CL&P is in charge of the restoration process. 

The following road areas were restored: The circuit that includes parts of Umpawaug, Old Redding Rd., Mountain Rd. and parts of Limekiln. The Rt 7 corridor is open which include the services on Rt 7. Caraluzzi’s is open.
Although state roads have been opened in Redding, they may not necessarily be complete thru neighboring towns. CL&P are continuing their efforts to complete this. We have 184 roads in town and as of today only 1 resident is trapped and 16 road blockages remain to repair. These are of our highest priority. 

The police department has asked that residents please do not attempt to clear trees. They understand the frustration of getting clearing done for wire work.However, this puts residents at danger and could make matters worse. 

The updated map of open and blocked roads is on display at the Town Hall. Thank you for doing your part in getting the info to us and remaining patient.

Weather update: It is reported that it will get down into the 30’s this evening and only into the 40’s tomorrow. 

For those without heat, we recommend the Ridgefield regional facility on 194 Danbury Rd. It has ample room with cots, restrooms, internet and gyms for children and activity. They even have a pool. We have visited the facility and it is very comfortable and pleasant.

Weston: 63 percent still without power (2,383 customers)

Code Red Alert – Saturday, November 3rd 9:00am

The Town will be accepting tree debris, free of charge, at the transfer station. Debris will be accepted until November 12. We will be open today for its normal hours, 8am-2:45. As a special service to residents, we will also be open tomorrow from 8am-2:45.

Voting will take place on Tuesday at Weston Middle School.  Polls are open 6am-8pm.

We have 35 CL&P crews working in town today, along with the National and Air Guard and town dpw crews. We hope to make significant progress.

CL&P still has finally given us a global restoration estimate of Tuesday evening by midnight. Please call CL&P customer service 1 800-286-2000 to get your personal restoration estimate. If you have an acute medical condition or if CL&P is saying you have power but you don’t, please call me at 222-2656 and I will put you in touch with a dedicated CL&P rep.

The Comfort Station will be open this weekend 8am to 4 pm.  Children are not allowed in the High School without their parents. Please supervise your children at all times.  Breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase.  Town Hall will be open today until 8pm for internet access and phone charging.

Weston Library will be open today from 10 am-9pm. Today is International Games Day.  We’ll have board games and puzzles all day (10-4), Playstation’s Just Dance 4 on the big screen in the Community Room from 10-2, and Family Bingo from 3-5.

All information, including menus and movie schedule, will be posted on the town website,, in Weston Center, Weston High School, the library and at Town Hall. We will also continue to update our automated storm line, (203) 454-1161.
If the page is sideways, right click to rotate the page.
 Thanks to all residents who called in to report problems

Weston schools will be closed on Monday, Nov. 5. 
Dr. Colleen Palmer, superintendent of schools, posted the following update on the Weston Public Schools’ website Friday afternoon:

After receiving updated information from the Town today regarding the progress of clearing roads and restoring power to residents, there remain significant road blockages throughout the town and the majority of the town is still without power.  

The road blockages are the driving force to close schools on Monday, and even though the Town has the benefit of the resources of the National Guard these past few days, it is unrealistic to plan that our roads will be able to accommodate buses on Monday.

While Tuesday was reserved for Parent-Teacher Conferences, the prolonged absence from work has left inadequate time for our professional staff to prepare appropriately to meet with parents.  

Additionally, if possible, we would like to reserve Tuesday as a student day for school, returning them to classrooms.  On Sunday evening, the district will consult with Town Officials to evaluate the readiness of our roads to transport students on school buses.  If the buses can safely travel on Tuesday, we will open our schools.  

Obviously, handling both the electorate traffic for voting and the normal schools’ traffic will demand careful planning and a few adjustments to the daily schedule.  If we open school on Tuesday, there will be a detailed communication to families on Sunday evening regarding parking and student drop-off areas.

In summary:

  • No school Monday, November 5
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, will be rescheduled to a later time to be announced
  • Sunday evening a decision will be made regarding conducting school for students on Tuesday, November 6

New Canaan –

The following update was sent by OEM Director Mike Handler:

There are 51 line crews in Town this morning working on all 6 of the circuits controlled in New Canaan as well as the 2 circuits controlled by Norwalk and Wilton. CL&P estimates substantial restoration by 11:30 pm on November 6.  

Please continue to call in driveways blocked by trees and/or wires to the EOC at (203) 594-4100.   

Daytime warming centers are located at the Library and Lapham Community Center. 

 Overnight Shelter is available at the YMCA.  Please continue to call the EOC with any questions or concerns.

 Getabout is providing free transportation to and from New Canaan shelter sites for all New Canaan residents—not just for seniors or those with special needs. 

This service will run for the duration of the power outage during regular weekday business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call Getabout at 203-972-7433.

Westport – 

Nate Gibbons, fire inspector reports:

"Westport’s power grid does not fit in to the political boundaries of the town. A large part of the northwest section of town receives its feed from Weston, and they are "at the mercy", to use a poor phrase, of how work progresses in that Town. Ditto for the southwestern neighborhoods in Saugatuck that receive their power from a Norwalk feeder- they must rely on the Norwalk crews. Be assured that both teams in Weston and Norwalk are working as hard as we are," Gibbons said.

Gibbons listed the following openings and closing in Westport:

  • "Schools are closed today, but will be open on Monday.
  • Tuesday is election day and schools will be closed so that polling can take place. Please make every effort to vote on Tuesday.
  • Compo Beach and the marinas are open today, however Soundview Avenue will be closed all day so that heavy equipment that continue removing sand and repairing damage to the beach.
  • Saugatuck Shores remains closed to the public, with only residents and storm workers allowed to enter.
  • Burying Hill remains closed, although Parks & Rec Director Stew McCarthy hopes to have the worst of it fenced off so that beach can open to the public early next week.
  • The Senior Center is open as a warming center. The Library and Town Hall are also open for warming and charging devices, as well as accessing the internet through WIFI. The ‘Y’ remains closed, although they are in the process of setting up portable power and heat, as well as re-opening their daycare facility. We’ll get you any re-opening information as we receive it.
  • The Transfer Station the Yard Waste Site are both open.
  • Metro-North is now operating along the full New Haven line- check their website for schedules. All area airports are open. If you’re driving into NYC, you must have at least three people in your car to cross the bridges."

Also on our local patch this tidbit was posted.