Sen. Markley Statement Concerning the Closure of Flower Street to Accommodate Busway

October 25, 2012

Hartford, CT – Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington) released the following statement today re: Department of Transportation decision to permanently close Flower Street in Hartford to vehicular traffic making way for the New Britain to Hartford Busway. While at the same time keeping Flower Street open to pedestrians and bicyclists.

“I am pleased to see the business owners and residents in the area of Flower Street are not going to be cut off from the other side of the city because of this busway.

“However, I am concerned the Department of Transportation hearing officer wrote in her decision that rerouting 6,000 vehicles onto alternate routes that are already overcrowded is “not particularly palatable”, yet she granted the closure. And went on to say the closing is ‘unavoidable.’

“Nothing would be easier to avoid than building this useless busway. How many commuters and citizens must be inconvenienced and thrown under the bus for this boondoggle?”

Please click here to read the full decision from the Department of Transportation hearing officer.