One Year Anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene

August 27, 2012

State Senate Minority Leader Pro-Tempore Len Fasano (R-East Haven) released the following statement today re: one year anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene.

“This year has been a long journey for residents who live along the shoreline in Connecticut. Tropical Storm Irene was devastating and for many of us who were hit hard by this storm cleaning up has been a lesson in patience.

“What we have all learned from this experience is that community and family matters. We are resilient people. East Haven has survived a devastating hit and we have come out on the other side.

“There are families who have rebuilt, others have decided to sell and some have decided to join forces and become pro-active. Neighbors are learning how to partner with government so they may understand new laws and work together to protect the shoreline and their property for generations to come.

“I’m proud of the work we have done and will continue to help my community -protecting our future.”