Stratford Delegation Lays Groundwork for Raymark Remediation

May 14, 2012

Hartford – State Senators Kevin C. Kelly (R-21) and Edwin Gomes (D-23) and State Representatives Laura Hoydick (R-120), Terry Backer (D-121) and Larry Miller (R-122) applauded the unanimous and bipartisan passage of legislation that will identify sources of funding for future remediation of the Raymark Superfund site in Stratford on the final day of the 2012 legislative session.

“I am thankful that the entire General Assembly supports the identification of funding and resources to remediate Raymark waste,” said Senator Kelly. “The state must make every effort to ensure that the Raymark clean-up process continues to move forward, and this legislation takes us one step closer to solving this longstanding issue.”

Senate Bill 254 was amended by Senate Amendment A, which substituted new language to require the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to submit a report to the legislature’s Environment Committee by February 1, 2013 on any private or public source of revenue that may be available for the purpose of remediating the Raymark Superfund site in Stratford.

“The old Raymark plant left behind a lot of harmful materials,” said Senator Gomes. “Part of the site has been cleaned up and put to good use, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Funds are tight now, but it is very worthwhile to search for the means to finish the job at Raymark. That will allow the Stratford of today to move forward to put this land to a new purpose.”

The report will include “a listing of such sources of revenue, the amount of funds potentially available from such sources of revenue, the requirements for obtaining funding from such sources of revenue, the department’s recommendations concerning the pursuit of such sources of revenue, the reasons for such recommendations and a proposed timeline for pursuing funding from any such sources.”

“This amendment is a significant and essential step toward the full resolution of the issues with the Raymark site,” said Representative Hoydick. “Through a partnership with DEEP and through their resources and review, we will eventually arrive at the solution that all Stratford residents rightfully seek.”

“We have been waiting for quite awhile for the proper cleanup of this site,” said Representative Backer. “This legislation brings us closer to that end.”

S.B. 254, “An Act Restricting The Application Of Fertilizers That Contain Phosphate,” was originally written to reduce the effect that phosphate runoff has on the state’s bodies of water by restricting the application of fertilizers that contain phosphate.

“With this legislation, we are one step closer to finally remediating the old Raymark property,” said Representative Miller. “The state of Connecticut will now be required to identify a source of funding for the clean-up as we move close to a resolution.”

The bill was amended and passed unanimously in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. It awaits a signature from Governor Dannel P. Malloy.