Senator Joe Markley statement on busway contracts

April 3, 2012

Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington) released the following statement today re: 3 More Busway contracts being handed out.

“Some Connecticut-based construction companies were bound to get contracts for the busway eventually–I’m only sorry their expertise and their employees won’t be put to work on something more useful, like fixing our existing, ailing roads and bridges.

“Earlier this month, the largest of the busway contracts, worth $130 million, went to an out of state company. Labor leaders in our state were outraged, as they should be. Where are the jobs the governor promised? It looks like most of the work will go to Massachusetts contractors.

“The fact that the busway is still going forward boggles the mind. As details of the plan emerge, the people are seeing this project for what it is: a boondoggle. Why are we doing this busway to nowhere? I look forward to raising that question again on the floor of the Senate.”