Sen. McLachlan Backs Measures Impacting Education in Greater Danbury

March 4, 2012

On Monday, March 5, State Sen. Michael McLachlan (R-Danbury) will speak in support of two bills which would impact students in the greater Danbury area.

The first proposal would create a bill of rights for deaf children.

The measure would require that the individualized education program for a child who is deaf or hearing impaired include a language and communication plan. This plan would address the student’s chosen primary language or communication mode, available peers and role models for that mode, and educational options available for that student. Additionally, it will ensure qualifications of all teachers instructing that child, make all instruction and activities accessible to that child, and provide assistive devices and services when required.

“Our goal is to give children in greater Danbury and across Connecticut the proper tools to succeed in their education,” Sen. McLachlan said. “This measure helps schools provide a base education for students who are deaf or hearing impaired. It’s about providing an even educational playing field for all.”

Danbury High School sign language teacher Mary M. Silvestri will join Sen. McLachlan in advocating for the deaf child bill of rights.

The second proposal Sen. McLachlan will testify in support of a bill that makes revisions to the law relating to Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program instructors.

“We feel that clarifying the credentialing and permitting system for the certification of JROTC instructors will create permanence in the accreditation process which will ensure these programs are thriving in Connecticut,” Sen. McLachlan said. “I have seen firsthand the benefits of the JROTC programs at both Danbury and Bethel High Schools. These programs provide a unique and positive educational experience for our area students.”

The legislature’s Education Committee’s public hearing on these bills begins at noon on Monday in Room 2 C of the Legislative Office Building.