March 21, 2012

Hartford, CT – State Rep. Rob Sampson (R-80) & Sen. Joe Markley (R-16) applauded the defeat of two bills that would have finalized Governor Malloy’s effort to unionize day care providers and personal care assistants in the state.

SB 352 and HB 5433 were the legislative follow-up to Governor Malloy’s unconstitutional Executive Orders #9 and #10 which began the forced unionization process. No action was taken on the bills before the Labor Committee deadline.

“Today was a victory for personal choice and freedom,” Representative Sampson said. “We need to be diligent and watch for a future attack on our rights. It’s clear after today that the legislature still does not have the will to follow through on this forced unionization. I think it’s time for the Governor to admit defeat and rescind the Executive Orders.”

The Malloy administration and state employee labor unions have been working to unionize certain daycare providers and personal care attendants who service poor families, the elderly, and the disabled, despite a failed attempt to pass similar legislation via the Connecticut General Assembly during the 2011 session.

“The unionization of home day care workers and personal care attendants is a terrible idea, and an awful precedent,” said Senator Markley. “These hard-working people are not state employees and should not be forced into a state employee union. They don’t want it, and they know it will interfere with their ability to do their job. Both this session and last, the proposals died in the face of legislative questioning. I think it’s an example of the system working.”

“This isn’t the end of the fight,” Representative Sampson said. “We are convinced that the issuance of executive orders in this instance is unconstitutional, that it skirts proper checks and balances on the administration, and that those affected are self-employed small business owners who didn’t ask for this government intrusion. A legal challenge to the executive orders themselves will be forthcoming soon.”