Sign My Petition to Lower Gas Prices

March 23, 2012

Please join the fight to lower state gas taxes. Sign our online petition:


Gas prices hit $4.00 per gallon today and are expected to increase throughout the spring and summer.

While there are several factors contributing to the high price of gasoline that are beyond the legislature’s control, there is one factor directly within our control – state gas taxes.

At nearly 50 cents per gallon, Connecticut has higher gas taxes than any other state in our region and most states across the country.

Connecticut levies two different taxes on gasoline. The first is a flat tax of 25 cents per gallon. The second tax, known as the petroleum gross receipts tax, is a hidden tax levied as a percentage of the wholesale price of gasoline. At the current effective rate of 7.53%, this second tax costs consumers an additional 23 cents per gallon and increases every time the price of gas goes up.

At current prices, you pay nearly $7.50 in state taxes every time you fill your tank.

And the state of Connecticut profits more from your pain at the pump than the store owners, credit card companies and federal government combined!

We are working to reduce the price of gasoline in Connecticut by lowering state taxes. Specifically, my proposal would cut and cap the petroleum gross receipts tax. This would provide immediate relief at the pump and protect Connecticut motorists from future tax increases