Child Care Providers Protest Move to Unionize [Video]

March 2, 2012

NBC Connecticut Story from March 1, 2012

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In-home child care providers are against a move to unionize.

“It’s going to make the cost of running our day care go up,” Maria Nelson said.

Nelson operates Country Kids Day Care in Southington.

Governor Dannel Malloy signed Executive Order 9 in September. It will allow more than 4,000 child care providers who receive subsidies through the Care 4 Kids program, to organize and collectively bargain.

On Tuesday night, Nelson and fellow day care owner Laurie Wojnarowski met with representatives from the unions.

“It’s going to make my cost structure go up,” Wojnarowski said.

These providers have started an online petition.

They also have the support of some lawmakers inside the General Assembly.

“We’re actively opposing this,” Republican State Senator Jason Welch said. “This was a concept that was in the legislature, made it through some committees but never made it to the floor in an up or down vote and there was probably a reason for that.”

The push to unionize will give child care providers equitable pay and workforce security, according to the governor.

But the day care owners believe it’s an overreach of power.

“I’m doing my business in my house and my concern is to make sure the babies are being well taken care of and I’m doing the job the best I can,” Nelson said.

Sen. Welch said the issue could end up in court.