Senator Kelly Supports Increased Penalties for War Memorial Vandalism

February 29, 2012
Please see the testimony and a photo of Senator Kelly testifying before the Special Committee on Veterans' Affairs on Tuesday.

Hartford – State Senator Kevin C. Kelly (R-21) testified before the General Assembly’s Special Committee on Veterans’ Affairs in support of SB 198, An Act Concerning Desecration Of War Or Veterans’ Memorials on Tuesday, February 28th.

“Last year, during Memorial Day weekend, vandals struck Veterans Park in Shelton,” said Senator Kelly in prepared remarks. “They turned American Flags upside down, sprayed graffiti on the sidewalks, and sprayed more on the monuments themselves. I was disgusted and appalled that these vandals had absolutely no respect for the veterans who are represented in that park.”

The bill would impose harsher penalties on those who vandalize war or veterans’ memorials by doubling the fine and requiring that those who are convicted pay full repair and replacement costs for all damages.

“The cornerstone to democracy is free speech,” concluded Senator Kelly. “However, embodied in our First Amendment, there are limits to that freedom. We need to do everything we can to protect the veterans who serve over our country, ensure our rights and deserve our respect.”