Rep. Coutu and Sen. Markley stand with State Employees who want the right to Vote for New Union

February 2, 2012

Hartford, CT – State Rep. Chris Coutu (R-47) and State Sen. Joe Markley (R-Southington) joined CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 based out of Hartford to ask the state to step aside and allow workers to choose which union they want to be in.

“The state should not be involved in this fight. The state interference in this issue is brazen and should not be allowed to stand,” said Sen. Markley.

“This is about a worker’s fundamental right to choose representation,” added Rep. Coutu.

Members of Local 2001 (P-4 Council) signed cards in an effort to leave one union and join another.

Attorney Barbara Resnick, the legal counsel for the Engineers and Technicians added, “The legal requirement was met and now the members should be allowed to vote.”

Rep. Coutu and Sen. Markley are concerned the administration is ignoring the people and the process by fighting this vote. For several months the State Labor Relations Board has been hearing this case. Along with attorneys from the unions, state attorneys as well as private attorneys from Shipman & Goodwin paid for with taxpayer dollars are involved in the process.

Rep. Coutu said, “We call on the Malloy Administration to immediately cease and desist from using any additional taxpayer dollars for the prevention of such a vote and refrain from influencing the process in any way.”

“There are rules in place and they should be followed,” said Sen. Markley. “The administration needs to respect the process otherwise chaos reigns.”

Local 2001 represents 2400 workers from various state agencies including: DOT, DEEP, DOIT and DPW. There are currently five labor units around the state trying to switch unions.