Enfield DMV reopens after renovations [WTNH]

February 8, 2012

Story as it appeared on the website of WTNH
Tuesday, 07 Feb 2012

Enfield, Conn. (WTNH) – The DMV office in Enfield is back open for business after being closed because of damage from the Autumn Nor’easter.

The branch has been undergoing renovations ever since the heavy snowfall in October.
While no one really enjoys visiting the DMV, many are glad to see the Enfield branch reopen.
The branch closed after the Autumn Nor’easter due to a damaged roof, meaning staff and customers had to travel to other branches some 20 miles away.

“I’m so glad it’s open,” said Priscilla Brayson, of Enfield, “going to Wethersfield, the lines are horrific in Wethersfield.”

The state spent $360,000 to repair the roof, and took the time to make other renovations such as a new air conditioning system and an updated break room for employees.

Legislators say the renovations may signal that this DMV branch may be off the radar when it comes to budget cuts.
“It tells me they are here to stay,” said John Kissel, Enfield, “and so despite the fact we might have a budgetary shortfall this year Governor Malloy has promised no tax increase and I don’t believe this motor vehicle institution will be on the chopping block anytime soon.”

During the time of the shutdown and renovations the staff got training on a new system and that means that the office won’t have to close again when other branches will.