[The Canton News] Senator Witkos Attends Presentation of $10,000 AT&T Grant to Roaring Brook Nature Center

January 3, 2012
Senator Witkos Attends Presentation of $10,000 AT&T Grant to Roaring Brook Nature Center

Senator Witkos Attends Presentation of $10,000 AT&T Grant to Roaring Brook Nature Center

Story as it appeared in the Canton News on December 30, 2011

AT&T grant to fund upgrade at Roaring Brook Nature Center

CANTON — Thanks to a $10,000 grant from the AT&T Foundation, Roaring Brook Nature Center will utilize digital technology to enrich its programs about nature for children and families. The new initiative is called Seeing Nature with Digital Tools. Through the use of new, digital microscopes and projectors, museum educators will help visitors explore and visualize a higher level of detail in leaves, insect wings, and other items in our natural surroundings.

The funding was made possible with support from State Senator Kevin Witkos (R, 8th District). “Roaring Brook runs an exceptional program—I immediately thought they were the ideal recipient for this kind of technology grant,” Senator Witkos said. “It marks a step forward, through the generosity of the AT&T Foundation, in Roaring Brook’s work to teach our children about the benefits of a healthy ecosystem,” he continued. “It is my hope that innovative programs such as this will continue to educate all our citizens that technology can enhance our understanding and appreciation of nature.”

Jay Kaplan, Director of Roaring Brook Nature Center, is looking forward to using the new technology. “These tools really help to bring the wonders of nature into focus: the parts of a flower, a butterfly wing, tiny creatures in the pond,” Kaplan said. “This cannot help but stimulate our visitors’ interest and curiosity about the natural world that surrounds them. We are very appreciative of the support of both Senator Witkos and the AT&T Foundation.”

The check was formally presented by Kinson B. Perry, AT&T Area Manager for External and Legislative Affairs. “The AT&T Foundation makes certain funding available and I work with local legislators like Senator Witkos to determine the recipients, as they really know the communities they represent,” he said. “The use of technology in education is paramount to us—being able to bring the check is the best part of my job.”

The mission of the Roaring Brook Nature Center is to bring children and adults closer to their environment through hands-on, innovative educational programming in order to stimulate their interest and curiosity in the world that surrounds them. Roaring Brook is located at 70 Gracey Road in Canton, abutting hiking trails in Werner’s Woods, a state owned nature preserve. The Roaring Brook Nature Center is a member of The Children’s Museum family. Visit www.roaringbrook.org to learn more.

The Children’s Museum offers over 100 live animals, hands-on science exhibits, out-of-this-world digital planetarium shows, and programs for younger children and families. It is one of Connecticut’s most visited attractions.

The Children’s Museum and Children’s Museum Preschool are located at 950 Trout Brook Drive in West Hartford and at Roaring Brook Nature Center in Canton. More information is available at www.TheChildrensMuseumCT.org.