Sen. Frantz, Gov. Malloy Announce $100,000 Grant for Town of Greenwich

January 9, 2012

Greenwich was recently awarded a $100,000 grant to renovate and expand the town’s Department of Health Laboratory. For more information, please see the following press release:

Gov. Malloy Announces STEAP Grants For Fairfield & Greenwich

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced that the towns of Fairfield and Greenwich have each been awarded Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) grants for capital improvement projects.

“Tough economic times make STEAP grants all the more important because they allow us to improve the overall quality of life, while creating jobs and stimulating the local economy,” said Governor Malloy. “Whether it’s the improvement of a public space or renewed investment in a municipal facility, these grants allow towns across our state to move forward with capital projects that will benefit residents, both locally and across the region.”

Greenwich will receive a $100,000 grant to aid in the renovation and expansion of the town’s Department of Health Laboratory. Renovation will allow the facility to meet the growing needs for clinical and environmental testing services. The funding will enable the health lab to increase testing capacity, remove asbestos, increase ventilation for safety and improve customer service. Some of the services done at the facility include blood testing for lead, cholesterol and Lyme disease.

“I strongly applaud the decision to award this funding to the Town of Greenwich for the renovation and expansion of the Department of Health Laboratory,” said State Senator L. Scott Frantz (R-Greenwich). “This grant will benefit the health and wellness of our citizens by improving the facility’s environmental and clinical services, including testing for lead, chemicals, rabies and Lyme disease.”

“I am so glad to see our state choose to support such an important research project happening right here in Greenwich,” said State Representative Fred Camillo (R-Greenwich). “Updating the health lab facility will allow medical professionals to better combat the threat and spread of disease. This is especially important since we have learned through testimony in the Environment Committee that the deer population is on the rise and with it the increased threat deer ticks, which are known carriers of Lyme disease.”

State Representative Livvy Floren (R-Greenwich) remarked, “We are very grateful for the STEAP grant, which will help us renovate and update our health lab facility. We have a very busy professional operation in Greenwich with the heavy incidence of Lyme and West Nile testing. The State recognizes the importance of our work.”

“Through my experiences on the Human Services Committee, I have seen how deadly diseases can impact families and communities,” said State Representative Lile Gibbons (R-Greenwich). “It is so important to invest in facilities that study these infections so we can eventually work toward cures and finally prevention. I am so grateful that in these tight economic times, the State of Connecticut chose to support this important cause. I am proud that this life-saving research is happening here in Greenwich.”

The State Bond Commission, under Governor Malloy’s leadership, allocated $20 million for STEAP grants on September 23, 2011. The awards were granted in part due to project readiness and their impact on overall regional economic development.

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